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Welcome to the Kingdom of Bhutan, where we extend our warmest greetings to you, promising an extraordinary experience. Bhutan awaits with its majestic Himalayan landscapes and rich cultural heritage, and we are here to ensure your visit is met with the highest standards of professionalism and hospitality. Our dedicated team is at your service, working tirelessly to ensure your stay becomes a treasure trove of cherished moments. Embrace Bhutan, where we invite you to craft unforgettable memories.

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Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and forever changed by the extraordinary beauty and experiences that bhutan atijong offer.




Bhutan, often referred to as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” is a mesmerizing Himalayan kingdom known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unique approach to measuring its success through Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than GDP. This enchanting country offers a wide range of places to visit, each offering a unique experience for travelers. Here are some must-visit places in Bhutan..

Bhutan’s natural beauty, preserved culture, and commitment to sustainable tourism make it a truly unique destination. Whether you’re interested in trekking through the pristine mountains, immersing yourself in Bhutanese culture and traditions, or simply finding inner peace in the serene landscapes, Bhutan has something special to offer every traveler. Just remember to respect the local customs and environment to help preserve the magic of this extraordinary kingdom.


Bhutan is a land of vibrant and culturally rich festivals, and these celebrations play a significant role in the life of the Bhutanese people. Festivals in Bhutan are often rooted in Buddhist traditions and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Here are some key aspects of Bhutanese festivals. Visiting Bhutan during a Tshechu is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the country’s unique culture and traditions. However, it’s essential to plan your trip well in advance, as these festivals are scheduled based on the Bhutanese lunar calendar and can vary from year to year.


When choosing your stay in Bhutan, consider your travel style, interests, and budget. Keep in mind that Bhutan’s tourism policy requires visitors to book their trip through authorized tour operators, and accommodations are often part of the package. Therefore, you may not have as much flexibility in choosing accommodations independently as you would in some other countries. However, Bhutan’s unique charm and commitment to sustainable tourism make any choice of accommodation an opportunity to experience its rich culture and natural beauty.

Consider your travel preferences, interests, and budget when choosing where to stay in Bhutan. Keep in mind that Bhutan’s tourism regulations require visitors to book through authorized tour operators, often including accommodations. This may limit your lodging choices compared to some other destinations. However, Bhutan’s unique charm and commitment to sustainable tourism ensure that any accommodation you choose offers an opportunity to experience its vibrant culture and stunning natural surroundings.


Bhutan, known for its unique culture and stunning landscapes, also offers a variety of dining options, from traditional Bhutanese cuisine to international dishes. While the dining scene may not be as extensive or diverse as in some other countries, you can still find interesting restaurants and cafes in Bhutan to satisfy your culinary cravings. Here are some types of dining establishments you can expect to find in Bhutan.

Bhutan may not be as extensive or as internationally diverse as in some other countries, but it offers a chance to explore the unique flavors of Bhutanese cuisine and experience the warmth of the local culture. Additionally, the availability of restaurants and cafes can vary depending on the region you’re visiting, with more options in major towns and cities like Thimphu and Paro.


Holiday packages are pre-arranged travel experiences that bundle together various components of a vacation into a single, convenient offering. These packages are designed to simplify the planning process for travelers and often include accommodations, transportation, activities, and sometimes meals. Here’s an overview of holiday packages and what you can expect from them:

When considering a holiday package, it’s essential to read the fine print, understand what is included, and check for any additional fees or restrictions. Additionally, consider your travel preferences and priorities to choose a package that aligns with your needs and interests. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, cultural exploration, or a combination of experiences, there’s likely a holiday package that suits your desires.


Small group tours to Bhutan offer a unique and intimate way to experience the enchanting Himalayan kingdom. Bhutan, with its pristine landscapes, vibrant culture, and commitment to sustainable tourism, is a destination that’s best explored with a small group of like-minded travelers. Here are some reasons why small group tours to Bhutan are a fantastic option.

When booking a small group tour to Bhutan, be sure to research and choose a reputable tour operator that aligns with your interests and priorities. Also, check the itinerary to ensure it covers the destinations and experiences you desire most. Traveling in a small group in Bhutan offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in this remarkable kingdom while forging connections with both the country and your fellow travelers.

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