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It is mandatory for all tourists to obtain a Bhutan e visa clearance before traveling to Bhutan. The Indian Tourist require e -permits as Bhutan visa to enter Bhutan. However, International Tourists require e-visas. Bhutan Atijong issues both e-Visas and e-permits. Learn all you need to know about Bhutan Visa.

Process for visa application

In order to get your e visa / e permit approved to Bhutan the only document we required is a copy of your valid passport (validity should be for more than six months from the day you exit Bhutan). And the Government SDF has to be paid.

SDF For Tourists

Starting from September 01, 2023, the Bhutanese government has introduced an incredible 50% Discounts on SDF. These special offers aim to entice travelers to extend their stay and immerse themselves in the unique wonders of our beautiful country. The incentives will be valid until December 31, 2027, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of these fantastic benefits.

It’s important to note that these exclusive benefits are applicable only to SDF visitors who choose to pay the USD $200 per day fee. For Indian the SDF applicable is INR 1200 per person per night .

We encourage you to explore our detailed blog posts, which offer comprehensive information on SDF discounts, incentives, and how the SDF is calculated. We eagerly await the pleasure of hosting you in Bhutan, where the warmth of our people, the serenity of our landscapes, and the richness of our traditions will create an experience like no other. Embrace this opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Bhutan, and let the SDF Discounts and Incentives make your stay even more extraordinary.


Reasons To Increase SDF For Bhutan Visa

Bhutan tourism is in line with the philosophy of ‘High Value Low Volume’. However, in the recent years, there was an upsurge of tourist visiting Bhutan. The monasteries were crowded; the sacredness of the sanctity was disrupted & there was an increase in waste.
Bhutan has always prided itself in being the only negative country in the world with 1000 acres of protected areas & as the one who jealously guards its religious & cultural heritage.
However, all these were coming to a threat. Over the period of time there was a glacial recession & growing carbon footprint. So it became inevitable for the government to adopt the cautious tourism policy to avoid the negative impacts of tourism that could have on a small country like Bhutan.


After we receive the payment for SDF, the receive payment has to be transferred to Government SDF account and after that we have to apply online visa for you.

We will take at max Five days to get your e-visa Approved

We will be sending your e visa via mail. You must carry a printed copy of the e- visa as these needs to be produced at the check-in counter at Paro International Airport. Your actual Bhutan visa will be stamped on your passport upon your arrival.


FAQ On Bhutan Visa

Q1. Do tourists travelling to Bhutan need a visa?

1. All travellers, except those from India, will need visas to enter Bhutan.
2. A Bhutan visa may be obtained by citizens of Bangladesh and the Maldives once they arrive at the port of entry and have paid the required SDF.
3. Swiss and Thai nationals with diplomatic or official passports are qualified for a visa upon arrival at the port of entry.
4. Bhutan requires e-permit for visitors from India. Anyone with an Indian passport or voter ID card is subject to this. Passports or birth certificates are acceptable for Indian natives under 18. However, they must be accompanied by legal guardians.

Q2. What paperwork / information is needed to process the Bhutan visa?

1. A copy of your passport is needed. Before the scheduled departure date from the Kingdom, the passport must be valid for at least six months. For Indian National both passport & Voter Card work.
2. Valid travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip.
3. An updated passport-size picture.
The following are the additional information required to initiate the visa
1. City of residency:
2. Country of residence:
3. Nationality at birth:

Q3. What is the Bhutan visa cost, and how long does it take to receive one?

The non-refundable visa charge is USD 40 per person. Even though the procedure to issue the visa is often rapid, processing the visa might take up to five business days. However, please take note that we can only apply for your visa after receiving payment for the Government SDF and Visa processing cost.

Q4. What paperwork is needed to process the e-permit (for Indian visitors)?

Indian citizens can travel using their passports or voter ID cards. Children under 18 can travel using a birth certificate or passport, but they must have a legal guardian. A photo of the size of a passport is also necessary. It is necessary to have travel insurance, which must be valid for the whole journey.

Q5. If I don’t have any insurance, how can I buy any?

Your insurance provider is where you can get travel insurance. Additionally, you may purchase from Bhutanese insurance companies at the port of entry upon arrival. At every port of entry, there are also tourism information officials who may help visitors. Click here to get details on the insurance from Bhutan Insurance Limited.

Q6. What does the SDF cost, and where does the money go?

1. SDF of Nu. 1,200 or equivalent USD is charged to visitors from India per night.
2. All other visitors must pay USD 100 per person SDF every night.
3. The kids aged from 6 to 12 will be subject to a 50% concessionary charge on the SDF, while children under the age of 5 will not be required to pay the SDF.
4. The SDF monies go to the national exchequer. They are distributed to different initiatives that improve the infrastructure, services, and amenities for citizens of Bhutan and foreign visitors and provide free healthcare and education.

Q7. How do I pay with the SDF?

1. The SDF must be paid through a wire transfer or credit card when applying for a visa or e permit.
2. Indians can pay with INR, but the Other National have to pay their SDF in USD.

Q8. Do day visitors have to pay SDF?

Visitors visiting the Indian bordering Bhutanese towns will not be required to pay the SDF until they reach the first authorised location determined by the government. Visitors staying the night in border towns will be charged the SDF.

Q9. If any trip is cancelled or cut short, is there a refund available on SDF?

The Department of Immigration will reimburse the SDF for any cancelled or cut-short travels, and any bank fees will be deducted from the amount reimbursed.

Q10. How can one get to Bhutan most effectively?

1. From Bangladesh (Dhaka), India (Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bagdogra), Nepal (Kathmandu), Singapore (Changi), and Thailand, travellers can fly to Bhutan (Bangkok).
2. Drukair and Bhutan Airlines are the only two airlines offering flights to Bhutan.
3. After receiving the necessary licences from the appropriate authorities, private aircraft can fly into Bhutan.
4. Additionally, all guests may arrive on foot from Phuentsholing. Other land entry locations allow Indian visitors to access Bhutan (Gelephu, Samdrup Jongkhar, and Samtse).

Q11. How long may a traveler with a visa or permission stay in Bhutan?

A maximum of 90 days will be allotted for the visa or permit issuance.

Q12. How can I get a visa or permission extended while I’m in Bhutan?

Before the expiration of the visa or permission, as appropriate, the Department of Immigration can process the extension. The Department of Immigration must be paid the necessary SDF and any costs associated with extending a visa or authorization.

Q13. How much time does it take to renew a permit or a visa?

The procedure often goes quite quickly for visa or permission extensions, although it may take up to five business days.

Q14. How does one pay SDF in Bhutan for a visa or permission extension?

We can extend your Bhutan visa if you make your travel arrangements with us. Nevertheless, the required SDF must be paid.

Q15. If any trip is cancelled or cut short, is there a refund available on SDF?

The Department of Immigration will reimburse the SDF for any cancelled or cut-short travels, and any bank fees will be deducted from the amount reimbursed. The immigration system must be used to file an online SDF refund request. Refunds won’t be handled until after guests have left the Kingdom. If you have booked the tours with us, we will be doing the needful.

Q16. Can tourists go hiking by themselves?

Trekking excursions requiring overnight stays must be scheduled through a local travel operator. You will get all the logistical support from us for your hiking or trekking excursion.

Q17. Do guests require a guide?

All tourists to Bhutan are highly encouraged to hire a guide. This is done to ensure that every tourist in our nation enjoys themselves and takes in everything Bhutan offers. There are some animals in the area and the altitude and terrain might occasionally present particular difficulties, guides also assist in ensuring the tourists’ safety and security. A guide is required for all trekking activities, any journeys beyond Thimphu and Paro, and visits to cultural sites. While guides are not required to accompany visitors for all experiences (such as dining out and shopping).It is recommended that they do so for activities like visiting temples and other local points of interest.

Q18. How can travellers locate the ideal guide for their journey?

On our website, at, we have a list of every qualified guide. You may review their profiles and select the one that most closely matches your needs.

Q19. What kinds of lodging are offered in Bhutan?

Bhutan provides various lodging options, from opulent 5-star hotels to comfortable homestays in old-world villages.

Q20. Where can I get details about accommodation?

Visitors can visit to seek a list of approved lodging.

Q21. Can the guests camp outdoors or stay in private homes?

Visitors must lodge in a TCB-approved establishment or, if hiking, the only camp in the approved locations.

Q22. Is a vaccine necessary to travel to Bhutan?

As on September 23, 2022, there will be no COVID-19 vaccination requirements for adults or children to enter Bhutan, even though we still advise all visitors to get the vaccine to help limit the disease’s spread. To continue COVID-19 monitoring for novel variations, all visitors to Bhutan (12 years of age and older) may be submitted to arbitrary RT-PCR testing at the official points of entry or the workplace. The RT-PCR testing used for surveillance shall not be subject to payment.

Q23. Can visitors who are not immunized enter Bhutan? If so, what would be the process?

Unvaccinated visitors may enter Bhutan without a quarantine period.

Q24. What happens if someone contracts COVID-19 while visiting Bhutan?

During their visit to Bhutan, visitors who test positive for COVID-19 must remain in quarantine at their hotel until they test negative. The visitor will be responsible for paying for the extra nights of quarantine and PCR testing.

Q25. Do COVID-19 procedures apply while departing Bhutan?

When leaving Bhutan, there won’t be any COVID-19 procedures unless the destination country mandates them.

Q26. How can the tour payments be made?

There are two ways you can make payment 1. By using credit card
You can make payment through credit card by using Bhutan Payment Gateway. We can create the invoice for you by entering into the system and creating a link, you just need to visit the link and make payment. However, the bank transfer fee made via credit card is expensive (They charge 4.75%). The other option is international wire transfer.
2. International Wire Transfer
Beneficiary Bank name: Bhutan National Bank Bank Swift code: BNBTBTBT Address: GPO Building, Chang Lam, Postal Code: 11001, Thimphu,Bhutan Beneficiary Name: @ Bhutan Best Inbound Tour Account Number: 0100072790001 Address: RTC Road,White Duplex, Ngadiphu, PO BOX 2050,Postal Code 11001,Thimphu

Q27. Are there any visitor information centers at the airports and land entry points?

Yes, there are visitor information centers at the arrival area just before immigration check at the airport and in all entry points.

So for your Bhutan Visa you can Contact Us.

Your Payment Is Well Protected

Though the payment comes in our company favor, no payment gets credited in our account. The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has that arrangement with the Bhutan Bank. We are just allowed to transfer the payment to the following account a) Tourism Council of Bhutan b) Airlines c) Luxurious Hotel. This way we are very well monitored by TCB.

Only after your happy departure TCB credits the payment back to our account after necessary deduction like Royalties and business taxes.

E-Permit Process

In order to get e-permit , the Regional guest has to approach any   licensed Bhutanese Tour operator like Bhutan Best Inbound Tour  . However, the Regional guests can recommend the tour operator their own choice of preferred hotel or transportation or book on their own.

The documents required by the tour operator in-order to process e-permit are:

  • Details of the confirmed tour itinerary
  • Details of the confirmed accommodation
  • Details of the confirmed ground transport
  • Details of Licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide
  • Pay the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)
  • Photo page of the Passport Copy
  • Passport Copy (Validity has to be at-least for 6 months from date of Departure from Bhutan.

Benefits of paying SDF For Regional Guest

The new change could be a taxing to some of the Regional Tourists . However, there are some benefits of paying SDF. The following are the benefits

  • You will get your permit in advance.
  • Safe and secure personal attention during the stay in Bhutan
  • Preferential Exemption granted to all Tourists from paying the entry fees for state-owned tourist attraction sites.
  • Guarantee quality services.
  • Contribute to overall sustainable management of tourism in Bhutan

For further information on Bhutan Visa you can contact us.