Payment terms


We have 2 components of Payment
1. Government SDF+ Visa Fee
2. Tour Cost /Land Cost

I. Payment

At time of reservation :20% of tour cost
60 days prior to departure :Full SDF & Visa Fee
30 days prior to departure / After visa approval :Balance Amount

In order to get your Bhutan Visa, we have to transfer the SDF/Visa Fee to Department of Immigration
• If you are booking tours 60 days or less prior to the departure date, you have to pay Full SDF/Visa Fee & 20% of Tour Cost
• If you are booking tour months ahead to the departure date and you want to procure the Bhutan Visa early, you have to pay Full SDF/Visa Fee & 20% of Tour Cost
The balance can be paid after the issuance of Visa or 30 days’ prior your departure date.

• While visiting Bhutan via India, ensure that you have the India part of the visa even if you are just on transit. It’s recommended that you apply for your Indian tourist visa well in advance of your intended travel dates to allow for processing time.
• The Indian National entering Bhutan via Kathmandu need to obtain Nepal Visa
• For luxury hotel bookings, payment should be made as per the hotel’s policy.