Pubs & nightlife in bhutan

It’s no Rio De Janerio, but Bhutan Nightlife does have a charm of its own. Urban towns also have a good number of cozy pubs, restaurants, and bars where you can have your dinner and while away time at your own pace. Singing enthusiasts have karaoke joints to go to. And for the more energetic – nightlife in Thimphu or nightlife in Paro Bhutan can be fun at various discotheques where people dance to the tunes of the latest best-selling music numbers.

The magnificence of this little nation is eclipsed by its monasteries, but the sensational entertainment is well-known to the local people. Nonetheless, it does not leave any stone untouched. After touring the serene monasteries, make your way for a taste of amusing relaxation.

If you think visiting nightlife in Bhutan would be boring, you’re mistaken. Bhutan has a variety of clubs, pubs, music rooms, and bars in addition to monasteries and religious sites. So, don’t you want to check out for yourself?

When you are planning to enjoy your nightlife in Bhutan, start the programs and the culture of Bhutan along with the inbuilt plans in a continuous process. It is also necessary to party hard after working hard. So, start planning the functionalities of Bhutan nightlife with your loved ones along with the vitalities of the party life in your area.

The nightlife of every place has some stories. In Bhutan also there is a mesmerizing nightlife with epic functionalities. It is also important to deal with various types of functions related to party culture in Bhutan.

There are various places to mingle with locals like the Mojo Park, Tiger Pub, Om Bar, Viva City, or Space 34 to check out the nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan. And if you are at Paro then you can visit The Taktsang, Khamsa, The Park 76 orNamgay Artisinal Brewery to see the vibrant Nightlife in Paro Bhutan or enjoy drinks.  You can drink Bhutan’s famous Hit Beer or Druk 11,000.

You will find out Bhutan is not all about mountains and monasteries. If you are interested in an evening out exploring the pubs, bars or checking out the nightlife in Bhutan here are some of the tips to immerse yourself into a fun night out.

Mojo Park

If you are looking for a live music venue, where you can chill in Thimphu and hang around with locals then Mojo Park is the right place for you. It is Thimphu’s foremost and most loved live-music concert venue. The music played  includes a spectrum of Genre: Alternative Rock, Reggae, Blues, Local Bhutanese songs, etc

The music is played by popular local bands.  Another good thing about Mojo Park is, it is located in the heart of the 

It is famous for having good vibes in its arena. The crowd consists of both travelers and local people. It is one of the spots to provide the coolest nightlife in Thimphu.

Mojo Park also offers a decent bar where you can chill over Bhutanese-produced beer (11000, Druk Lagar, Red Rice lager), etc. They also offer events such as entrepreneurs’ night, birthday bookings, and more. 

During winter, the bonfire is made to smitten the night with warmth along with a dose of whisky and a pint of beer. 

It is open every day of the week from 8 pm till midnight (Monday, Thursday, Sunday) and 8:00 pm till 2:00 am (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday).

Jimmy's Pub

Jimmy’s Pub is renowned with a modest yet, very interesting and definitive interior designer concept and a similarly fascinating and thought-provoking functioning concept of an up-to-the-minute and contemporary Hotel that gives you the added advantage of enjoying a live musical performance. It’s one of their main offers given to their budding customers. Moreover, to increase the liveliness of the scene, there is the availability of chilled cold beers along with the loud bands at Jimmy’s pub. The Band starts playing around 9 pm daily on Fridays and Saturdays of the week. It has got the best of the classic interior designer pattern that always becomes successful in putting the lasting impression with an outstanding balance of natural light, best of the colors, authoritative collage, a good quality sound system, a tranquil kitchen garden placed perfectly near the smoking zone. Moreover, companies can find thought-provoking antique things that are put on

Viva City

If you want to spend your night dancing, and hopping under the neon illuminations, then you can’t miss Viva City in the core of Thimphu town. It is the best place to check out Bhutan’s Nightlife. Viva City is meant for fun lovers.

 It’s the place where the dissenting beginners, aficionados, and party-goers come to spend their weekend night in a fun-loving manner. It is positioned just overhead the taxi parking area and city bus of Thimphu.  You can find almost everything over here- right from the delicious food,  cool and calm music to the world-famous dance .

If you are not so much for dancing, then you can chill outside, in the airy atmosphere with BonFire. The open area to chill is beautifully set along with the best of the drink & food. Or you can always visit the adjacent room to the Viva City discotheque, where world-class music is played by the local artists and bands.

The discotheque is open only on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. There is good news for the Ladies as they get free entry for themselves on Wednesday.


The most happening bistro, Café, and pub in Paro can instantly make anyone feel at home. the warmly lit establishments with comfy settings and fabulous decor exude an air of uptown pub. it is purely fashionable, to say the least. When in Paro, Park 76 is the place to hang out, drink, eat, and while your time away. live bands perform during weekends making it even more exciting. And there is more. Great food. The must-try include spicy chicken wings, Thai chicken sathay, beef steaks, Thai Rice noodles and not to forget Park 76 special burger. The list goes on. Here, you get everything together- a good music, great food, a variety of alcoholic beverages  and some really tasty snacks.


Nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan- Space 34 is located in the main heart of Thimphu, the country’s dancing capital. Throughout the evening, popular pop and EDM rhythms from the United States, Korea, and Bhutan are played, and occasionally late at night, live bands and karaoke are performed. People come in droves to interact and dance on the floor. They offer highly flexible hours and females get in free on Wednesdays.

There will be live music and booming electro sounds provided by local DJs in a vibrant subterranean club (admission Nu 300 to 350). It’s in the same building as Lungta Handicraft and is located downstairs. Space 34 is a fantastic spot to go if you want to enjoy food, drink, music, dancing and nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan. You are welcome to come and experience the location, which offers a variety of pleasure and amusements.

It is also necessary to deal with various types of plans related to the party and other deals related to the plans of the enjoyments and fun. If you are planning to visit the party floor, it is necessary to taste the zeal and burn the floor in Space 34. It is also necessary to manage the function of the parties of Space 34.

Ace Club

Youth represents vigour, and this establishment maintains that passionate vibe all night with throbbing electronic music, a mirrored dance floor, and spectacular lighting. It is one of the best nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan, where you can meet up with young people and have a conversation in the lounge area of Ace Club.

Ace Club, which is located in Pandey Lam, is a favourite hangout for party animals that enjoy visiting new locations. In the bar, you must also cope with numerous forms of amusements. You can also deal with other forms of nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan and other clubbing-related programs. Dealing with clubbing and pubbing is also required.

If you love enjoying nightlife and partying, then Ace Club is the best place to enjoy and rock. It is also necessary to manage the party statements with various types of works related to the rocking parties. To enjoy the fun and amusement, Ace Club can always welcome you with various types of clubbing facilities. You can book the table and seating arrangement from the beginning so that you don’t have to face any type of issues related to the lounge area.

Om Bar

Om Bar is not your typical destination to experience nightlife in Thimphu. People come here to relax and have fun with their friends. This establishment has a more relaxed vibe and gives you a taste of Thimphu’s lively nightlife. Along with drinking and dining, you may enjoy a great Karaoke session with your friends. This pub, in fact, has some of the greatest Karaoke in town.
So, having a drunken musical night with friends is one of the best things to do in Thimphu at night. They have a large assortment of meals and drinks on their menu. This restaurant offers a diverse selection of Indian, Chinese, and Bhutanese dishes. Don’t miss this spot on your Thimphu vacation if you want to experience the best nightlife. Om Bar is also located in the main town where there is a glimpse of epitome with the music. It is also necessary to taste the toss if you have decided to visit the bar. Balance with the passion and warmth of the main view along with the trends of the mixed culture in the pub by brewing beer and other liquors.

Thimphu Club

Thimphu Club is known for its laid-back ambiance and offers a wide selection of beers, local beverages, and cocktails. The location’s mood and ambiance are what you’ll like the most about the Thimphu Club Nightlife. This is the location to go to experience Thimphu’s nightlife if you want to escape bright lights and huge queues. It’s also vital to cope with the numerous forms of passions that a person who enjoys parties and nightlife has in his or her thoughts.

If you don’t feel like dancing, this venue includes a fantastic lounge area where you can relax and enjoy yourself. A fantastic choice of music is put up to give you an experience of amazing Thimphu nightlife, from rock to reggae to rap. The Thimphu Club Nightlife is popular among teenagers because of its infectious energy and reputation as a hangout for rebels and ravers. 

Even though mainstream music is played throughout the night, this tavern has a genuine Bhutanese flavor about it. This Thimphu nightclub’s mirrored dance floor is popular with young people and offers enough energy for you to let loose on.

Country Lounge

The walls of the Country Lounge are covered with aesthetic artwork, and the sound system is blasting classic rock. This establishment has a welcoming and calm atmosphere. After a long week, all you need is a relaxing outdoor environment with beautiful views and a cold drink with your buddies. You may even have a good time singing karaoke with your buddies. 

This is one of the greatest venues to experience Bhutan nightlife in Thimphu and is popular with both visitors and residents. Here you will find a wide variety of food and beverages. Many politicians and well-known Thimphu residents may be found here. Ministers and diplomats frequently prefer this location since it is not overcrowded and offers a relaxing atmosphere. You can also change the shades and trans with the flairs of amusement and fun in the festival. Go with the blow along with the proper execution in the proper way. Go with the flow of the function so that it can be easy to enjoy the frequency of the festival and special adornments. 

Tiger Pub

Visit Tiger Pub Karaoke for an evening out with friends or family. It is the first Bhutanese Karaoke Bar with Bhutanese, English, and Hindi songs. This is one of the greatest venues to experience nightlife in Thimphu and is popular with both visitors and residents. Tiger Pub serves a wide variety of meals and beverages. Many politicians and well-known Thimphu residents may be found here. Ministers and diplomats frequently prefer this location since it is not overcrowded and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Partygoers enjoy a fantastic time here, and there is a wide choice of beverages to choose from.

A stylish club with a fantastic audience and one of Bhutan’s wealthiest clubs. The night here starts at 12 a.m. and concludes at about 3 a.m., making for an unforgettable party night. This is the place to go if you want to get crazy and experience Thimphu’s nightlife. Mix the hues of fun in your life with the mixture of music frequency and power. It is also important to deal with various types of programs that are related to the Wednesday offers and plans. Get absorbed in the zeal and frequency of the music world with the people who are planning to deal with various types of functionalities on every occasion.