Non-bhutanese food

Food is an essential part of any trip. In fact, for some, it is one of the most important factors that contribute to a destination’s overall experience. A traveler can actually delve deep into a region’s cultures and traditions, or learn more about it by sampling the region’s unique flavors. Chillies are an integral ingredient of every food in Bhutan, and most Bhutanese people would refuse to eat a meal that is not hot.

However If you cannot eat spicy Bhutanese dishes, don’t worry you can discover some of the best dining places in Bhutan ranging from Japanese, Thai, Chinese & Continental here.

San Maru Restaurant : Korean

This is one and the only place where the Bhutanese-Korean couple is all at smiles. Come and grab the best of the appealing Korean food.  Don’t miss out on the Bibimbap and barbecued chicken of this place. It’s one of its kinds.  It has got wide range of foods such as stews, soups, barbecued beef bulgogi with all different banchan dishes.

Decorated in the traditional Bhutanese way, this place offers the best dining experience ever located in the Norzin Lam, in Thimphu, Bhutan.  Even you will visit it with all smiles as it just costs INR 1800 for 2 people.

Spices: Indian Restaurant

This restaurant is situated near Changlam Plaza that lies head-to-head with the Coffee Culture. With minimalist interior designing done, it offers its services with old-fashioned wooden chairs and tables. Though it’s not much big in space but its food quality is good. They serve their food by writing off the menu on the whiteboard that’s kept behind the counter place. You will love coming here as not only the china plates and silverware are clean where food is served but the presentation of the food is also upright. You can just have lunch and dinner. No availability of breakfast.  It’s menu ranges from low as of Rs.300 to a high cost of Rs.1000.(INR).

Fu Lu shou: Chinese

The most reliable Chinese restaurant in Thimphu has a gigantic dining room impassioned by open fireplaces. Enjoy a host of Chinese dishes such as seafood, double-boiled soup, stir-fried meat, fried rice, and beef along with bitter gourd. Over here, the meals come with a side order of the appetizers. Having a typical Chinese ambiance, this place serves Chinese in its real taste. One must visit this place if a great fan of Chinese culture. You’ll get an opportunity to explore many interesting aspects of Chinese food. This is an admirable restaurant located behind Ace Club. 

Lemon Grass: Thai

One of the Thimphu’s sophisticated Thai eateries looks out over the inner city from the highest point of the shopping center. From here you can see Buddha Dordenma and National Memorial Chorten. Love the taste of Isaan dishes? Then do visit this place as the menu tosses interesting Isaan dishes. Dishes such as strip fries, curries are most loved by people. Here, crowds of four or more can pre-order their food. The décor gives a lasting impression of the fine dining experience. So, head straight towards the entrance of the inner city of, Le Meridien Hotel, Thimphu, that’s situated in the ½ block on the 5th floor of a newfangled structure crossway from the street.

Baan Thai: Thai

Ban Thai Restaurant has been concentrating on Thai cuisine since 2008 with great hospitality. It is positioned in Thimphu.  Come and experience the best of the eatery service. It remains open from 10:30 am to 09:30 pm daily, for the general public as well as a tourist for 6 days of a week. It inspires local people a lot by helping them to produce food at the local level. They are soon going to present services such as catering and home delivery. In order to evade from no parking problem, they always make sure that their staffs guarantee the drop off storing and take away thing.


The restaurant is positioned in the City Mall just below the Taj Tashi Hotel. Their dining area gives more of the look of a lounge. You can also get a private bar space with the facility of karaoke. The sliding windows will make you fall for it giving the best of the view. Do try out their dishes such as Veg Shammi Kebab, butter chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Tikka. Their menu is budget-friendly that range from INR 300 to INR 600, so you can have a full platter meal without thinking about the cost.

Tandin Hotel

With years of experience, they are prompt in delivery service and provide everything on time. Their innovative interior gives more space to the diners. Located centrally in the urban nearby the traffic pavilion this restaurant is very packed during lunch hours. It serves both vegetarian and the non-vegetarian dishes. Their must-try dish is Chicken Makhani with a mixture of good quality Naan. They too are budget-friendly as they have ranged their food from Rs .100 to 500 (INR). Many locals love dining over here in noon hours as it is an approachable restaurant.

Bhutan Orchid

Love to get freshly served meal that is not only well-organized but well-presented as well then Bhutan Orchid is the place to be in. Positioned in the Chang Lam neighborhood- this place has one of the best Bhutanese palates. Their cuisines include dishes such as puta and hentey i.e. – Buckwheat noodles and momos filling done with spinach, respectively. Moreover, to give you the feeling of your home, they have kept log chairs and tables with Bukhari heaters.

If you want to organize buffet parties then do plan it here only as they have got the specialty of giving the best dining space to you.  Get many twists and turns of the local cuisines at this place.


It’s the place where the locals come to experience the breeze and breathe secretly over the hand-rolled cigarette sitting on the terrace.  The famous Clock tower Square is one of the best hang-out places. You can enjoy with your friends  and family as there is more to explore at the Clock Tower. Though it offers the dishes according to the standard of the Bhutanese people it also provides best of the Indian, Nepali Thali, as well as Thai dishes. In one word, you can say it’s a multi-cuisine eating place with relaxed space for outdoor seating. If you are here then try their special “Puff” Momos.

Little Vietnam Restaurant

The only eatery in Bhutan that serves Vietnamese food in Sapa town. This airy restaurant has a high-class style with an enjoyable steamy ambiance. Get the astounding dining experience with the world-class food and awesome hospitality. They also provide Asian, French, Vietnamese, Korean dishes

hayate Ramen: Japanese

Owned by the young Bhutanese chef Tshering, and his Japanese wife- this place provides perfect recipes that you won’t get anywhere else. They have got the unique handmade process of making noodles. Their bowls of noodles are served well with battered prawns, sesame seeds ( roasted) and their very own Bhutanese pepper. The ambiance is also very soothing and comfortable, one can enjoy insight into their culture and thoughts.

MK Restaurant: Japanese

Set foot in this pretty restaurant with a warm elevating ambiance, and you would instantly fall in love with the place. Meraki by Yangchen is a chic Café and pastries located next to the Institute of Traditional Medicine. Whether you are looking to relax over a cup of coffee or grab a meal, Meraki is the place. The favorites are the delicious Meraki combo, the scrumptious sriracha chicken wing, and spaghetti meatballs. Meraki also creates theme cakes for birthdays, weddings, and every special occasion. So next time, you want to eat out, Meraki by Yangchen is the go-to place in town.

Meraki By Yangchen

If you are looking for a pause from the tasteless hotel buffets, burning chillies with cheese, this place provides decent pizzas.  It comes in various tastes. You can try eating Bhutanese beef pizza that’s dried and comes with caramelized onions. It’s considered as the best Pizza place in the entire town of Paro with the availability of detached kitchen for preparing the veg and non-veg pizzas. Come and explore the one and only place of getting gene food.  Once it was the only place where a lady chef used to prepare food among many restaurants in Bhutan


Located at Thimphu Plaza, Yummies’ USP is its diverse, even extreme, menu, from quick, on-the-go fast food, Asian cuisines to authentic Bhutanese food. It has a small yet comfy space, with an option to dine outdoors under the warm winter sun. Yummie’s menu features traditional favorites like Hoentoe (buckwheat dumplings). Jangbali (spaghetti), Japanese noodles “Tonkotsu’ and Thai chicken/pork basil stir fry, among many others.


Old Thimphu Restaurant

Located opposite to the Clock Tower Square, Old Thimphu Restaurant is set in one of the one or two remaining traditional Bhutanese houses in the capital city, Thimphu. The Old Thimphu Restaurant is a warm cozy place with the perfect blend of traditional and modern design. The view from the window side table into the most popular hang-out place in Bhutan, the clock tower is incredible. They serve continental, Indian and Bhutanese food and the cocktails are quite popular. Enjoy meals with a sip of cocktails and a great view.