The accommodations and hotels in Punakha enjoy the tranquil setting of the subtropical vegetation. The golden valley of Punakha has many hotels and resort to offer in 3* Category. Most of the 3* Hotels in Punakha have a panoramic view of Paddy fields which through the seasons always provide a picturesque scene of Rural Bhutan.

 An excursion to the Punakha valley unfurls one of the most magnificent fortresses of Bhutan, the Punakha Dzong, which is positioned on the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu Rivers. Punakha is heaven for peace lovers and one can witness authentic and traditional Bhutanese houses and local people.

The 3* accommodations in Punakha vary from traditional farm stay experiences to comfortable hotels with modern amenities. With a good blend of rustic charm and modern comforts, hotels in Punakha will allow you to reconnect with the natural environment and wilderness of the warm Punakha valley.

You can choose to stay in Drubchhu from where you can easily walk to Chimi Lhakhang or Kuengacholing or Sonamgang from where you can capture the valley view. Or you can choose to stay at Meri Puensum surrounded by giant pine trees. If you like rivers then there are hotels like Damchen or Four Season Boutique which provide a good view of meandering Paro River.

And if you want to experience a village life than Leki Wangmo homestay is unbeatable.You can check our list given below and let us know which one you would prefer to stay. We will confirm for you.

Dhumra Farm Resort

Best among 3-Star Hotels in Punakha Bhutan

Fruits from backyard orchards, organic greens and meals from home grown vegetables. If you love the sound of that, you will love Dhumra Farm Resort in Punakha. Besides their cozy rooms and spectacular view of Punakha Dzong, the owner also offers you a tour of their fruits and vegetable gardens in the morning. This is indeed a fresh new take on weekend getaways. 

Dhumra Farm Resort is a very plain yet personal hotel set in an elevated position above the Punakha Valley in western Bhutan. Dhumra Farm Resort is a first-of-its-kind three-star farm resort that specializes in high-end agro-tourism. Dhumra’s belief is not in having busloads of guests. It features guest accommodation in roughly 7 simple rooms and access to a range of historic, cultural, and agricultural activities. Dhumra Farm Resort caters to discerning travelers seeking serenity, a rural ambiance, and a high level of health and safety.

Come and enjoy the beauty of one of the finest Hotels in Punakha Bhutan.

Hotel Vara

Vintage Hotels in Bhutan

Punakha Dzong is 8.1 miles (13 km) away, and Chimi Lhakhang Temple is 4 miles (6 km) away while you stay at Hotel Vara. It is close to many places to visit in Punakha. Enjoy the scenery of the valley and mountains from the hotel garden. Stay in and enjoy the beauty of the hotel’s 24-hour room service or eat at Restaurant. Drinks in the bar/lounge are a great way to end the day. A 24-hour business center and a 24-hour front desk are among the hotel’s features. On-site self-parking is available. In one of the 18 bedrooms, you may make yourself at home. To keep you connected, there is a free wireless Internet connection available. There are showers in the bathrooms. Come and enjoy the beauty of Bhutan in one of the vintage hotels in Bhutan.

Hotel Sonamgang

One of the Finest Hotels in Punakha Bhutan

Hotel Sonamgang features basic, lovely accommodations with views of Punakha and the Puna Tsang Chu River. There is a small outdoor swimming pool, as well as a patio with magnificent views and a pleasant internal sitting room. This location is stunning, and waking up among the vistas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The hotel is well-integrated into the surroundings while remaining opulent. The aesthetic of the room and facilities is simple and ageless, so if you’re searching for anything gaudy and grandiose like Trump Towers, you might be disappointed. However, if you enjoy clean lines and lovely wood, you’ll be pleased. The meal is great, and the service is perfect. For booking in one of the most preferred  Hotels in Punakha Bhutan.

Meri Puensum Resort

Best Hotel in Bhutan

This renowned hotel in Bhutan is located at Wolakha, Punakha along a side road near Talo village. The hotel offers room service, and guests at Meri Puensum Resort can stay connected during their stay with complimentary internet access. Cottages hug the terraced slope and offer comfortable, warm accommodations. After a long day of sightseeing, the garden gazebo is a nice place to enjoy breakfast or unwind with a soothing drink. Look no farther than Meri Puensum Resort in Punakha if you’re seeking a charming modest hotel.

Drubchhu Resort

One of the Best Hotels in Punakha Bhutan

Drubchhu is a resort that is owned and operated by a family. Drubchhu, which overlooks paddy fields and farmhouses, was built over the ruins of a hundred-year-old granary. A natural spring on the site is said to have medicinal effects. This family-run hotel has 27 rooms with modest but comfortable furnishings and stunning views of the Punakha valley. The hotel has a restaurant that provides select continental and Bhutanese cuisine, as well as a bar that serves a variety of local and international drinks and a spa. This is the most highly rated amongst Hotels in Punakha Bhutan. Come and visit the beauty of Punakha with us.

Zhingkham Resort

The finest hotel in Bhutan

Zhingkham Resort in Punakha, Bhutan, is an exquisite getaway set on a picturesque mountainside. The Keith-nyam Spa, which provides a variety of holistic therapies to renew health, beauty, and relaxation, adds to the resort’s overall well-being. Enjoy Spa and Bhutanese cuisine together in the finest hotel in Bhutan. Zhingkham Resort, with its calm areas and beautiful position, is the ideal destination for a holiday in Punakha, focusing on relaxation and a strong feeling of hospitality. Sleep well in the large ensuite bedrooms, which are lavishly decorated with soft upholstery and have contemporary conveniences such as air conditioning and WiFi.

Kingacholing Boutique Hotel

Kingacholing Boutique Hotel- a hotel in Punakha Bhutan, is situated at the most stunning vantage point to delight every guest and visitor throughout their stay at Chimi Lhakhang, a renowned tourist attraction (Fertility Temple). The rooms are clean and well-appointed. The restroom is spotless, and hot water is accessible at all times. The balcony has a fantastic view of the lush paddy fields. The staff is kind and helpful. On the ground floor, there is a restaurant on the Punakha-Thimphu highway. Guests may take a leisurely stroll around the nearby Mesina market for shopping local products and entertainment. The only hotel in a magnificent setting with views of the large greens field and Lobesa town.

Wangdue Eco Lodge

Wangdue Eco Lodge, the environmentally friendly hotel in Bhutan, is situated on a remote ridge, away from the noise and bustle of the major roadways. Wangdue Ecolodge is a family-owned and operated eco-tourism business. The valley, which is built on the family’s ancestral land, views the confluence of two rivers. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by breathtaking views of Gangchen Tag, the Great Tiger Mountain, Nyashigaykhar Village, and the Wangduephodrang Dzong. A short stroll up the ridge leads to the four cottages, each with two apartments.

The Four Boutique Hotel

New Venture Hotels in Punakha Bhutan

The Four Boutique Hotel, one of the new venture hotels in Punakha Bhutan, is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace, quiet, and a convenient position who wishes to explore. It is a cozy hotel situated in the Punakha valley with an excellent view Point of Punatsang Chhu River, in line with a scenic view of small Khuruthang town.

The hotel is arranged with three floors. On the ground floor, apart from the reception, there is a comfortable lounge, the walls are painted with Bhutanese Art and the above chandlers have hand-painted Mandala painted by our own experienced Bhutanese painter, your check-in shall be best; drink and read while you wait.

Leki Wangmo Homestay

Best Homestay in Punakha

Leki Wangmo Homestay is an authentic Bhutanese homestay in Punakha valley. Leki Wangmo is the destination to enjoy the lovely dawn while viewing Punakha and Wangdue valleys from the farmhouse. The rooms are exceptionally immaculate, with adjoining bathrooms, and the owner, Aum Leki, makes the stay memorable with delicious local cuisine and warm gestures. Everything is prepared in their adjacent farm kitchen. If you wish to learn about Bhutan’s undocumented past, ask your guide to speak with Leki’s father-in-law, who served as the third king’s bodyguard in the 1940s. Her chili salad is to die for spicy cuisine lovers. Explore the paddy field, vegetable garden and dip in the traditional hot stone bath.

From the farmhouse, you can also take a hike to Talo Village, Talo Gonpa, Norbugang Village, or Nalanda Buddhist College. After a hike, you always have the option to rejuvenate with an herbal and hot stone bath.

Chimmi Lhakhang VIllage Homestay

Best facilitated homestays in Punakha

Amongst the best homestays in Punakha, the Chimi Lhakhang Village Homestay offers accommodation with a kitchen. A TV is included in the common living room, a common bathroom with free amenities, a hairdryer, and a bath. Dining space and/or a patio are included. The homestay is located in the vicinity of the Chimi Lhakhang Temple (the fertility temple) giving you an opportunity to learn about the significance of the strange Phallus paintings on the walls of the houses. Dago Zam and App Sha, the proprietors, are kind and hospitable. The accommodations are nice and provide a spectacular view, particularly in the early mornings following the golden hour. It is immaculately clean and provides all of the necessities for a comfortable stay. The kindness of the hosts and the mouthwatering home-cooked cuisine are the highlights of the homestay.

Sopsokha Village Homestay

Plan your escape gateway with the calmest  homestays in Punakha Bhutan

Sopsokha Village is a calm village in Punakha Bhutan that entails staying with a host family and getting a firsthand look at their culture, food, and way of life. This homestay’s food is largely organic, a typical Bhutanese Home-stay situated in the middle of the paddy field of Sopsokha Village. Fresh vegetables are brought in from the garden. With a maximum of five guest rooms totaling 10 beds and a limit of two beds in each guest room, the homestay ensures their property is clean, pleasant, and safe. Additionally coordinates a wide range of activities village excursions, walks, hot stone baths, farm work, cultural events, and many other things are available. As a result, if you’re seeking a way to immerse yourself in local culture and lifestyle, Sopsokha Village homestay is the place to go.

In the evening you can stroll around the village which is famous for its Phallus painted house. Discover the tale of Phallus from the locals and get blessed by it at Chimi Lhakhang.

Khuru Resort

One of the best Hotels in Punakha Bhutan

Khuru Resort is one of the amazing Hotels in Punakha Bhutan, located some distance from the main Khuru town. Your stay will be made exceedingly comfortable by the quick check-in, courteous personnel, wonderful large rooms with free WiFi, and electrically heated beds. It has a bar as well as a garden. A restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service, as well as free WiFi, are available at this accommodation. Private parking is available. All rooms at the resort include a desk, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Khuru Resort’s rooms have air conditioning and a closet.

Damchen Resort

Finest Hotels in Hotels in Punakha Bhutan

Damchen Resort is an ideal alternative for visitors to Punakha, providing a family-friendly setting as well as a variety of useful amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. Punakha Dzong is around 15-20 minutes away from the lodge. It is located at the river’s edge. Guests may stroll up to the river from the resort grounds or enjoy the gorgeous river view from the restaurant. Being one of the finest Hotels in Punakha Bhutan, it serves on-site restaurant that provides genuine Bhutanese cuisine. Excellent bathroom with hot water, allowing you to use it even in the cold of December. Punakha Suspension Bridge and Khuru town of Punakha are all close by.

Hotel Lobesa

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and natural beauty at Hotel Lobesa, an exquisite accommodation nestled in the heart of Punakha, Bhutan. As the premier choice for discerning travelers, Hotel Lobesa offers an unforgettable stay that reflects the rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality of Bhutan.

Conveniently located near major attractions such as Punakha Dzong and Chimi Lhakhang, Hotel Lobesa provides easy access to the region’s iconic landmarks. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings as you explore the nearby paddy fields and picturesque villages.

Step into the elegantly designed rooms, adorned with traditional Bhutanese motifs and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Each room offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, creating a serene and idyllic ambiance.

Indulge your taste buds at the hotel’s restaurant, where a team of talented chefs crafts delectable dishes inspired by both Bhutanese and international cuisine. From traditional Bhutanese delicacies to international favorites, every meal is a culinary journey that delights the senses.

Unwind and rejuvenate at the hotel’s spa, offering a range of holistic treatments and therapies designed to restore balance and harmony. Immerse yourself in the healing powers of Bhutanese herbal therapies, ensuring a revitalizing experience for the mind, body, and soul.

The dedicated staff at Hotel Lobesa go above and beyond to provide personalized service, ensuring that every guest’s needs are met with utmost care and attention. Whether you seek guidance in planning your itinerary or require assistance with any aspect of your stay, the staff is always ready to assist, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Enjoy an enchanting stay in Punakha, where luxury, tranquility, and cultural immersion converge with the team at Bhutan Best Inbound as your trusted companion when you embark on a remarkable journey through the mesmerizing landscapes and captivating culture of Bhutan.