gangtey & Haa

A visit to Haa allows you to delve into the age old tradition and Nomadic Lifestyle. It takes you away from the bustle of towns into the sacred world of Mysticism, Spirituality and Nature.Here at Haa, the modern change has been minimal; remnants of the past are so strikingly visible and the connection with nature is vibrant. The option of 3* hotel in Haa is not so many. You can either choose to stay at Risum hotel or Soednam Zingkha Heritage Lodge or Lechuna Heritage Lodge. However Haa is famous for homestays, Ugyen Farmhouse homestay being the most popular one

Encircled by pine forest in the hidden valley of Phobjikha Gangtey, home to the black necked cranes, the 3* hotels at Gangtey valley are idyllically located. The most popular being Hotel Dewachen, ABC Resort and Dhangsa. If you would like to try out outdoor camping, Valley Camp stay at Phobjikha would be awesome.

You can let us know your choice of hotel or homestay  from the list provided below so we can arrange for you accordingly.

Hotel Dewachen Punakha

Hotel Dewachen in Phobjikha is one of the best hotels in 3-star category; it is a good combination of comfort with specialized services. Every room is designed to the taste and reflects an emotional bonding culminating into an experience par words. The rooms are spacious with all modern and ultra convenient facilities.

ABC Eco Lodge - Punakha

Tucked away in the serene nature of Gangtey valley, ABC Eco Lodge provides comfortable and spacious rooms with wooden flooring and furniture. 

Situated within the tranquil embrace of Gangtey valley, ABC Eco Lodge emerges as an idyllic haven for those in search of exceptional accommodation. This remarkable property boasts a collection of comfortable and spacious rooms, adorned with exquisite wooden flooring and furniture.

Perched below the monastery of Phobjikha Valley, ABC Eco Lodge offers guests an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. The lodge serves as a gateway to explore and appreciate the enchanting valley, providing a truly captivating and immersive experience.

With a selection of eight thoughtfully designed standard rooms, ABC Eco Lodge ensures that every guest receives the utmost care and hospitality. The attentive and friendly staff goes above and beyond to create an atmosphere of warmth and genuine Bhutanese hospitality.

From the moment guests step foot in ABC Eco Lodge, they are greeted with a sense of tranquility and the promise of a memorable stay. With its remarkable location, comfortable accommodations, and attentive service, ABC Eco Lodge stands as an exceptional choice for travelers seeking a truly remarkable accommodation experience in the heart of Phobjikha Valley. Book your stay with Bhutan Best Inbound today!

Dhangsa Resort - Phobjikha

Welcome to Dhangsa Resort, Set in an absolutely fantastic location, the resort offers an ideal choice for both couples and families looking for a contrast between natural beauty and excellent comfort and service! You can laze around in the sunshine or relax in the shade. You can free yourself in the beauty of nature and find peace within.

The Village Camp - Phobjikha

The valley camp is unique escape offering very comfortable accommodations and services, not unlike that you would receive in a boutique hotel. In fact, it is ideal for an authentic experience amidst nature and the famous beautiful black necked cranes.

Gakiling Lodge Phobjikha

Situated within a short stroll from the Crane Information Center, this remarkable property presents guests with an ideal vantage point to admire the breathtaking beauty of the valley and witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the morning sunrise. Boasting 16 meticulously designed rooms, this accommodation ensures a comfortable and memorable stay for every guest.

The property’s strategic location offers guests a privileged view of the stunning valley, allowing them to immerse themselves in its natural splendor. From the vibrant hues that paint the sky during sunrise to the picturesque landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, guests are treated to a visual feast of unparalleled beauty.

With ample parking space available, guests can conveniently access the property and enjoy a hassle-free stay. The comfortable and well-appointed rooms provide a sanctuary for relaxation, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate after a day of exploration.

Whether seeking tranquility amidst the captivating valley or delighting in the enchanting colors of the morning sky, this accommodation stands as a remarkable choice for those in search of an exceptional retreat. Trust in Bhutan Best Inbound for a hassle-free and memorable stay.

Phuntsho Chholing Lodge

It is a beautiful farmhouse, immersed in history, & located in the picturesque village of Phobjikha popularly known as “the valley of the Black Necked Cranes.” It is a three storey Bhutanese house traditionally built with rammed mud & timber frame offering a wonderful insight into the traditional way of life of local people.

The house has twelve rooms with shared bathroom facilities down the corridor (three rooms share one wet-room – which has a shower and a western-style toilet). The rooms are all beautifully and individually decorated in the traditional Bhutanese style, with charming wooden floors and very good quality bed and mattresses. The dining room with simple decor and comfortable furnishings invites you to sit for a steaming hot local meal. Most of the items served (vegetable and fruits) are grown in our own farm or purchased from the farmers in vicinity. 

Soedhnam Zingkha Heritage Lodge - Haa

Experience the real Bhutanese village life style by adventuring with Sodenam Zingkha Heritage Lodge situated in Haa Valley, Bhutan.

Soednam Zingkha is an immaculately restored traditional farm house nestled in the village of Haa that combines heritage with modern comfort.

Customary paintings, earthen walls and ancient timbers complement the comfortable bedding, heated rooms, and modern bathrooms to create an unforgettable atmosphere for all our guests. 

Risum Resort - Haa

Risum Resort is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace and quiet, and a convenient place and gives a great view of Haa Valley and the three brother hills.


Lechuna Heritage Lodge - Haa

Lechuna Heritage Lodge is located in the smallest district of Bhutan with a population of just twenty thousand at an altitude of 2960m. It is a beautiful farmhouse, immersed in history, and located in the picturesque village of Lechu. The village of Lechu has a close cluster of mainly two-storey traditional houses. Rows of split firewood, neatly stacked along the mud walls of the homes, or on the low stone fences that runs along some parts of the path.

Ugyen Farm House - Haa

The farm house of Ugyen is located in the beautiful traditional village of Dumcho in the heart of the Haa Valley. If you want to experience, authentic Bhutan Homestay then Ugyen Farmhouse would be a good choice. At the base of 3 sacred hills known as ‘Meri Puensum’, Ugyen has its ancestral roots in the Haa valley and are known as Haaps amongst the Bhutanese. Staying at this farm houses will provide one with a truly memorable Bhutanese experience.

Kinley Wangchuk Homestay - Haa

Nestled amidst the serene rural surroundings of the Haa Valley, discover a hidden gem in the form of a simple, family-run homestay. This charming accommodation offers an authentic and immersive experience in the heart of Bhutan’s natural beauty.

The homestay is ideally located beneath the majestic presence of luscious greenery, where three sacred mountains stand tall. This unique setting provides an excellent starting point for captivating day treks through these awe-inspiring peaks, allowing guests to explore the pristine wilderness and experience the tranquility of the surroundings.

Your hosts, Kinley and Wangmo, embody the genuine warmth and hospitality of Bhutan. Kinley’s passion for archery adds an extra element of excitement to your stay, as he eagerly shares his knowledge and even invites guests to try their hand at this traditional Bhutanese sport. During the day, Kinley and Wangmo tend to their farms and care for their cattle, immersing guests in the authentic rhythm of rural life.

Escape the bustling city and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Haa Valley by experiencing this delightful family-run homestay. With its warm hosts, picturesque location, and opportunities for exploration, it promises an unforgettable stay for those seeking an authentic Bhutanese experience. Create lasting memories with the team at Bhutan Best Inbound to help you book your stay.

Yangka Dema Homestay Phobjikha

Nestled in the breathtaking Phobjikha valley, discover a remarkable Bhutanese homestay that offers both captivating views of the surrounding landscape and an authentic cultural experience. This hidden gem Bhutan homestay welcomes both local residents and tourists seeking an immersive and genuine taste of Bhutanese hospitality.

From the moment guests step foot into Yangka homestay, they are greeted with warm smiles and a sense of belonging. The accommodations provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, allowing guests to unwind while marveling at the stunning vistas that stretch across the Phobjikha valley.

In addition to the picturesque surroundings, the homestay offers a culinary journey into the heart of Bhutan. Guests have the opportunity to savor traditional Bhutanese dishes, prepared with care and using locally sourced ingredients. Each bite is a delightful exploration of the rich flavors and culinary heritage of Bhutan.

For those seeking an authentic Bhutanese experience, Yangka homestay in Phobjikha valley provides a truly immersive and memorable stay. Whether gazing at the picturesque views or indulging in the flavors of Bhutanese cuisine, guests will find themselves enchanted by the beauty and warmth of this exceptional accommodation. Book with Bhutan Best Inbound for a memorable experience.