5-Star All Inclusive Luxury Stay

Bhutan Luxury Accommodation- The Best 5* Hotels in Bhutan

Bhutan-the hidden jewel of the Himalayas- is equal parts myth and reality; cloud and shroud; lofty heights and soulful depths. The Magic of Bhutan is revealed in all its scenic and artistic glory in the embrace of its world class all inclusive property like Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary , Aman Kora or Six Sense.They have a chain of small high quality resorts in the pristine countryside for the high end visitors. And regarded as the best 5 star hotels in Bhutan.

These best 5 star hotels in Bhutan are in line with the Tourism policy of high value and low impact. The resorts also serve to heighten Bhutan’s reputation among guests. Active couples or families who enjoy yoga, hiking, bicycling, Archery and hot stone spas will love these Bhutan Luxury accomodations. 

Aman Kora Chain Of Hotels

The Amankora Bhutan Luxury Accommodation is one of the most fabulous hotels in Bhutan. Located in a mysterious and secluded setting the hotel provides excellent cuisine, outstanding decor, a dedication to sustainability, and unsurpassed services. Amankora is  named after ‘Aman’, a Sanskrit-derived term for ‘peace,’ and kora for ‘circle or pilgrimage,’ in Dzongkha. 

It has a collection of five lodges spread throughout the country, including Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, and Bumthang, offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the last surviving Buddhist kingdom. Guests can customize their journey, selecting any combination of lodges, and enjoy the convenience of a dedicated driver and guide for the duration of their stay.

Reaching the lodges is relatively straightforward. Paro Lodge is a short 30-minute drive from Paro International Airport, while Bumthang Lodge is only 15 minutes away from Bathpalathang Domestic Airport. International flights to Paro International are available from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkatta, Singapore, and Kathmandu.

Amankora’s accommodation options across the five lodges consist of 76 suites that seamlessly blend contemporary design with rustic elements, creating a sleek and inviting ambiance. The open-plan bedrooms and living rooms feature king-size beds, window seats, and traditional bukhari wood burners. The ensuite bathrooms, adorned with terrazzo, are centered around spacious freestanding bathtubs.

Paro Lodge boasts 24 suites hidden amidst thick pine forests, with walls clad in wood and black steel paneling. Thimphu Lodge, designed in the style of a traditional dzong fortress, offers 16 open-plan wood-panelled suites. Punakha Lodge, accessible via a suspension bridge over the Mo Chhu River, incorporates a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse and features 12 suites identical to those in Paro, offering views of an orange orchard and rice terraces. Gangtey Lodge, situated on a forested knoll within a wildlife reserve, provides eight suites that mirror the ones found in Thimphu. Bumthang Lodge, in the Choekhor Valley, offers 16 suites similar to those in Paro and is surrounded by the region’s rich historical and sacred sites.

Amankora lodges excel in culinary offerings, serving a variety of Bhutanese, Western, and Indian dishes prepared with local ingredients such as yak meat and fresh honey from the Bumthang Valley. Private dining experiences can be arranged, allowing guests to enjoy intimate dinners or celebrate in outdoor or indoor settings.

Paro Lodge’s dining room features an external terrace overlooking a serene stream, providing captivating views of snow-covered Jhomolhari and the ancient dzong ruins. Thimphu Lodge boasts soaring ceilings, wood-panelled walls, and an outdoor dining deck that complements the nearby stream and surrounding forest. Gangtey Lodge offers large family-style dining tables, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the option of outdoor dining on the terrace or viewing deck, showcasing sweeping views of the valley and the 16th-century monastery. Punakha Lodge occupies an old farmhouse and extends its dining room to an outdoor deck, offering picturesque views of the valley and rice fields. Bumthang Lodge provides an alfresco dining venue in a courtyard shaded by fruit trees, as well as an interior dining area with a cozy fireplace, both overlooking the courtyard and the old palace.

In addition to the lodging and dining options, each Amankora lodge features a library with an extensive collection of books covering Buddhism, local folklore, textiles, wildlife, Bhutanese history, and the Himalayas. These libraries also serve as venues for private dining and in-house activities, and guests have access to desktop PCs for their use.

For relaxation and fitness, Amankora lodges offer spa facilities where guests can experience Bhutanese healing therapies incorporating Himalayan plants and herbs. Paro Lodge’s two-story spa, surrounded by lush conifers in the forest, provides a herb-infused hot stone bath and traditional massages. Thimphu Lodge offers a Grounding, Purifying, Nourishing Massage Ritual, as well as Himalayan oxygen treatments and facials. Punakha Lodge features a two-story spa with a yoga/meditation room overlooking rice paddies, two treatment rooms, a steam room, changing areas, and an outdoor heated Infinity Pool. Gangtey Lodge provides a candlelit traditional hot stone bath and two massage rooms. Bumthang Lodge presents the signature Zen massage experience, along with three intimate treatment rooms, a steam room, and changing areas.

Amankora lodges offer a multitude of activities and excursions to explore the stunning landscapes and immerse in Bhutanese culture. Hiking and cycling are popular choices, with each lodge providing numerous route options. Additionally, guests receive a curated “top ten” list of activities and experiences specific to each lodge’s location. Some examples of activities include hiking to the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery in Paro, embarking on cultural tours, enjoying private lectures on Bhutan and Gross National Happiness, and indulging in unique dining experiences such as a barbeque lunch at the Tiger’s Nest base or a traditional tented dinner at the lodge courtyard.

In Thimphu, guests can embark on guided tours of museums, cultural institutions, and explore local shops and markets. Archery lessons and visits to temples and viewpoints are also available. Gangtey Lodge offers relaxation in traditional outdoor hot stone baths, opportunities to interact with monks, and memorable dining experiences in candlelit potato huts accompanied by folk music. Punakha Lodge invites guests to visit the Punakha Dzong and the Chime Lhakhang temple, enjoy barbeques by the Mo Chhu river, and partake in Bhutanese cooking classes. Bumthang Lodge offers visits to nearby landmarks, cultural experiences like butter lamp lighting and astrology readings, and personalized barbeque dinners by the firepit.

By providing diverse and exceptional experiences, Amankora enables guests to uncover the beauty, tranquility, and cultural richness of Bhutan in their own tailor-made journey.

Six Senses Chains

The residences at the Six Senses are rated as the Best 5-star hotels in Bhutan. It is located in Bhutan’s western and central valleys of Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Phobjikha, and Bumthang. The physical position of each lodge allows you to enjoy breathtaking vistas and truly feel at one with nature. The personnel ensures that each stay is warm, inviting, and personal. During your visit, enjoy the facilities of complimentary breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and a lounge. Free Wifi and a pool are just a few of the more popular features you would love to enjoy. This is a place where you may lose yourself in your reading, be pampered with massages, and rest in the peace that surrounds you.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary - Paro

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is among the Best 5-star hotels in Bhutan. It is very spacious and with comfortable accommodations, an excellent indoor pool and wellness services, incredibly personal services, and a top-notch tour of the surrounding countryside. Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is the country’s first and only traditional spa-inclusive resort. Our traditional Bhutanese spa treatments can help you achieve more harmony in your body, mind, and spirit. Traditional Bhutanese medicine consultations, traditional massages, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation, hot stone baths, and woodland bathing are all available. Not only is the cuisine wonderful and nutritious, but also it is extremely creative.